MailScanner Production

Fort delivers accurate and easy-to-use anti-spam and anti-virus security software. Our developers are pioneers in open source software development. We re-invest in our product by updating our software to ensure our customers get the most reliable spam and virus protection available.
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MailScannerGold Production Grade Repository

The MailScannerGold Production yum repository is now available.

Access to the repository can be obtained by purchasing a per server subscription basis. You can purchase subscriptions on a yearly or quarterly basis.

Support for MailScannerGold Production Repository will provided by a subscribers supported and FSL moderated email list. Subscribers to the service will also be able to obtain FSL support services at our standard hourly rates.

These repositories will make installing, running and updating MailScanner a lot easier for both new and experienced mail administrators.


  • Scans e-mail for viruses using any combination of up to 26 different virus scanners.
  • Automatically updates all installed virus scanners every hour, by default.
  • Identifies over 98% of spam using several techniques, including automatic learning techniques and over 850 advanced heuristic tests.
  • Spam can be tagged, encapsulated, rejected, discarded, archived or forwarded to other addresses for inspection by administrators.
  • Pornographic spam can be stripped of all graphical content, protecting users from obscene content.
  • Scans e-mail for attacks against known and unknown security vulnerabilities in popular e-mail applications, automatically correcting messages whenever possible and quarantining dangerous content.
  • Highly scalable: One Intel system can process over 1.5 million e-mail messages per day.
  • Robust: Protects itself against “Denial of Service” attacks and operating system resource leaks and remote network failures of Real Time Black Hole spam checks.
  • Highly configurable, providing ISP’s and ASP’s with the possibility of using thousands of different rules and configurations for any combination of individual users or domains.
  • Easy to set up. All configuration options are supplied with “sensible” defaults