Fort delivers accurate and easy-to-use anti-spam and anti-virus security software. Our developers are pioneers in open source software development. We re-invest in our product by updating our software to ensure our customers get the most reliable spam and virus protection available.
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BarricadeMX’s High Performance Design Gives you Maximum Reliability

Capable of handling thousands of concurrent MTA connections on a single CPU without failing, BarricadeMX has surpassed many of the servers in today’s market and proven to be much more efficient than the typical MTA. By installing BarricadeMX you ensure that your gateways will not be overloaded and that unwanted messages will be rejected before they reach your in-box.

Barricade MX Highlights

-Lightweight, small footprint computer-based anti-spam application.
-Sits in front of one or more Mail Transfer Agents
-Handles more simultaneous incoming messages than typical MTA
-Decreases loads on existing gateways
-Equipped with comprehensive web interface enabling administrators to fully configure spam-blocking options
-Supports a variety of anti-spam filtering tests

Layered Defense for your Network

BarricadeMX is designed to sit in front of one or more Mail Transfer Agents where it acts as a proxy, filtering and forwarding mail to one or more MTAs. Fully configurable to run on multiple gateways which share multicast or unicast caches, BarricadeMX allows for cache updates to be shared across multiple gateways easily and quickly. By avoiding portability differences and limitations present in MTA extension methods, BarricadeMX is able to tightly couple and integrate improved performance and message tests. By doing so, spam detection is enhanced and loads on existing mail servers, gateways and mail hubs are reduced.

Easy Installation

BarricadeMX is a reliable and powerful spam blocking solution that is also extremely easy to install and maintain. Most customers install the program in only 15 minutes.



Enhanced Anti-spam Solutions

BarricadeMX supports a variety of well-blended anti-spam filtering tests that can be individually enabled or disabled according to the rigors of the postmaster’s local filtering policy. By utilizing an independent SMTP pre-filter in the form of a proxy and avoiding portability differences and limitation such as those present in MTA extension methods, BarricadeMX may be configured to run as a proxy for any MTA, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim or Qmail and as a result be used in front of any existing anti-spam application to enhance spam detection.

Fully Configurable Web Interface

Managing your BarricadeMX is simple. Use our comprehensive web interface to control all aspects of the software. We’ve taken the guesswork out of managing your BarricadeMX.