Fort delivers accurate and easy-to-use anti-spam and anti-virus security software. Our developers are pioneers in open source software development. We re-invest in our product by updating our software to ensure our customers get the most reliable spam and virus protection available.
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BarricadeMX Plus

BarricadeMX Plus extends the powerful core technologies present in BarricadeMX by adding a user and domain level web interface and additional monitoring interfaces. These additional features allow your customers full control of their e-mail filtering and quarantine while providing substantially enhanced reporting capabilities. BarricadeMX Plus has all the features and advantages of BarricadeMX and More!

Offering flexibility for organizations

  • Multi-level user accessible interface
  • Extensive per-domain configuration
  • Quarantine facility
  • Delegate access and support to customers

Customization and Monitoring

MailScanner Roots – BarricadeMX is based on the popular and highly configurable open source MailScanner email gateway software but configuration data is stored in a PostgreSQL database rather than text files. Modifications are done via web interface versus editing text files.

By Domain Configuration – The web interface allows for any configuration parameters such as Spam Scoring, Delivery Options, Message tagging, Reports or signatures to be easily customizable by domain.

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