Why choose DefenderMX?

The future of Email Security is now here. We can help you lock down your Email traffic and warn you of any suspicious or abnormal activity before it becomes a breach.

Centralized Logging and Reporting Using ElasticSearch

Searching for messages is now much faster and easier, all message types (accepted, deferred, rejected, bounced and queued) both inbound and outbound are shown.

Password Leak Protection

If SMTP AUTH is used by your end-users to send mail via DefenderMX, they will be prevented from sending a message that contains the current SMTP AUTH username and password used to send the message

Simple Spam Training

Let’s face it. Mistakes happen occasionally. Now you can simply forward the message to a designated spam or notspam email address and our system will automatically adjust the settings. Easy, simple and fast!

Automatic Inbox Sorting

If supported by the destination mail server – this can increase productivity and reduce distractions. Automated, marketing, social media, mailing lists, other bulk mail and possible spam can optionally be delivered to sub-folders of the recipients Inbox so that the main Inbox is left clutter-free and only contains messages that are essentially person-to-person.

Protected Addresses

Allows you to nominate addresses that should not receive any mailing list or automated traffic, such as group mailboxes or role accounts (e.g. postmaster@, info@, sales@, support@). Any message that is not a manually generated person-to-person or business-to-business message will be rejected. We developed this specifically for our own support@fsl.com mailbox which is unfiltered and was receiving hundreds of junk messages per day, this allowed us to safely reject all but a handful of messages per day whilst still receiving all genuine support requests without a single false-positive.

New & Simplified Web Interface

Redesigned Web Interface is now more easier and intuitive

New Anti-Spam Filtering Agents

DSPAM (free) is an advanced Bayesian spam filter and MessageSniffer (additional cost) is a very fast commercial anti-spam engine capable of classifying millions of messages on a single machine and is very competitively priced

Informed Sender Description

This feature modifies the “From” address displayed by their mail client to inform the user if a message was: received over an encrypted channel (TLS), if the sender could be verified in some way to the host that sent the message, if the message envelope matched the From address or if the message was received via a mailing-list. It will help end users to better identify spoofed or phishing messages.

Improved Auto-Whitelisting

In addition to the current automatic whitelisting of replies and rejection of fake bounce messages. DefenderMX can also now maintain an ‘address book’ of all the correspondents sent to by a given user so that if any of these correspondents send a new message then DefenderMX will treat the message in a different manner ensuring less likelihood is given that the message is spam.

Bcc Streaming

This feature allows you to send a copy of a mail stream (either an individual mailbox or a domain) to a single mailbox or another domain entirely. You can use this to send mail to a message archive service or duplicate your mail stream to another mail system for disaster recovery or to transition across to a new mail service.

Take the Demo server for a test drive.

Username: demo Password: demo

DefenderMX Includes The Following

24/7 Platinum Support Available

Money Back Guarantee

Simplified Web Based Control Panel