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2.Update your MX Records

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3.Watch spam and malware disappear

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Designed for easy administration without compromising security.

DefenderMX provides you a complete Email Security solution. You’re protected from all email threats. Our latest antispam technology has built in techniques that can detect the very subtle signs that an email may be suspicious and will block accordingly.  Whether you need a solution on-premise or hosted by us, we provide the best technical support in the industry and always work to ensure that your email stream is secure and stable.

Scanning Engines Supported

SpamAssassin, MessageSniffer and RSPAMD

Multiple User Authentication Models

Login using Office 365, Google Apps, Active Directory, LDAP, POP3, IMAP

Click Whitelisting

By using a CAPTCHA form, senders can white-list themselves reducing the need for constantly check your quarantine box.

Advanced Heuristical Filtering

Reduces overall system load, increases throughput and prevents delays.

HAProxy Support

Built-In support for HAProxy Proxy protocol for easy load balancing. We also support the Postfix XCLIENT extension.


Prevent the impersonation of internal users and company employees to prevent fraud and phishing.

Informed Sender Description

Modifies the 'Display Name' shown in the e-mail client to help users better identify spoofed, phishing, suspicious or malicious messages.


Stores all suspicious or flagged emails for release or review later.

Backscatter Filtering

Automatically filters your email stream when your email address has been used in a spam-run.

Auto Inbox Sorting

Keep your person-to-person messages in the Inbox and moves mailing-list traffic and bulk messages to sub-folders automatically. .

Subscription List Management

Users can now see what lists they have subscribed to and what's the best and safest way to unsubscribe from them.

Multiple AV Engines Supported

Built in Support for ClamAV, ESET and AVG AV Engines

Works with any On-Premise or Cloud Service

Whatever Cloud or in-house system you have, we guarantee it will work.

Watermarking of Emails

Automatically allows replies to be auto-whitelist and fake bounces are also automatically filtered.

Attachment Filtering

Your first line of defense against Malware, Viruses and unwanted file types.

Connection Rate, Connection Concurrency, Bounce, Message Size and Rate Limits

Prevent excessive traffic from bots, compromised accounts or computers.

Protected Addresses

Blocks spam emails to shared mailboxes and role accounts such as 'sales' or 'info'.

Bcc Streaming

Mirror a single account or domain to another mailbox or domain. Useful for disaster recovery or reviewing emails.

Multiple Levels of Administrator Access

Options for Super Administrator, Reseller, Company and Domain Admin.

Multiple Levels of Help Desk Access

Now you can assign Help Desk accounts based Re-seller, Company or Domain.

End-User Access

Allows users to login and manage their filtering preferences and settings.

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We work with you and gather information about your requirements.  Then we install and configure DefenderMX to those specifications. Once installation is completed, we can start testing and make changes as necessary. Once you’re fully satisfied DefenderMX is working as required, we can start deploying to your users or other domains.

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