BarricadeMX PLUS


BarricadeMX PLUS gives you the most flexible email antispam software solution available. PLUS is suitable for companies or organizations of any size or demographic. PLUS is a completely customizable and works the way you do.  Work smarter and not harder.

Plus extends the powerful core technologies present in BarricadeMX by adding a user and domain level web interface and additional monitoring interfaces. These additional features allow your users full control of their e-mail filtering and quarantine and provide reporting capabilities. BarricadeMX Plus has all the features and advantages of BarricadeMX and More!

Completely Flexible

Multi-Level User Interface Per Domain Configuration Quarantine Facility

Delegate Access & Support Active Directory & LDAP Integration

NonStop Design

Email Archiving  Works across UniCast or MultiCast  Backup Configuration & Settings

Customization and Monitoring

Dashboard w/Stats & Totals  Custom WhiteLists  Custom BlackLists

Active Directory & LDAP Sync  Custom Signatures  Spam Message Tagging

Domain or User Spam Scoring  Customizable User Interface

Spam Virus Malware Filtering:

Spam Spoofing Phishing Spyware Denial of Service Malware

Domain Wide Filtering  Custom Domain Level Filters

Quarantine Area

Schedule Daily Report  Release Quarantined Email  Redeliver Clean Email*

Customer Support

Platinum 24/7 Support  Remote Nagios Monitoring*  Update & Patch Management*



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