Fort Systems Ltd. takes pride in the quality of our products and the level of support that we provide. We are pleased that many of our customers have asked to be quoted and welcome you to read their thoughts below.

Newcastle University

I can understand why Anthony invests so much time in BarricadeMX and we are glad that he does! We are a largish UK university with 30,000+ email addresses and we receive between 1-2 million emails each day. On average 85% of that is spam; this peaks to as high as 97%-98%. Being able to detect and reject that level of spam/malware is vitally important to us. We were long-time users of MailScanner and also ran some of Anthony’s milters. We replaced all of that and adopted BarricadeMX instead about 2 years ago. Having a very fast proxy MTA like BarricadeMX allows us to reject spam in real-time rather than accepting then tagging or deleting it as we did with MailScanner. Our rejection policy can be as aggressive as we wish; wrong decisions just result in the (genuine) sender being notified so problems are noticed and can be fixed. A critical factor in the success of BarricadeMX for us is that it implements a shared cache (maintained using multi-cast protocols). This means that we can run multiple, same preference value, MX hosts for the 80+ domains that we host. Our four identical MX hosts are split 50-50 between two sites and gives us the vital resilience we need. Because BarricadeMX is so efficient and fast we need just two 4GB DL380 G6 MX hosts (running CentOS 5.3) to handle the mail load I described above. One will just about cope. Being able to take one (of the four) MX hosts down at any time to upgrade it is a significant operational advantage. Please keep doing the day job, Anthony!

Quentin Campbell (Postmaster) Newcastle University

Hogeschool Gent

We already set up BarricadeMX on one server and the results are astounding. Even with a mini version of the configuration, we blocked 50+% of incoming email as spam. With graylisting it grows to the figures in the screenshot. With RBL checking it stops 90+% of all incoming email. Even with this short testing period I must say I am quite surprised. The testimonials did not exaggerate about the results.

Filip Nollet System & Network Management Hogeschool Gent in Belgium

General Council of the AG

Thought I would just drop you a line about a few users that have called in this morning. They both thought there was something wrong with the spam filter because there was NOTHING in the quarantine for the last couple of days. They said on the 2nd of May they had email but starting on the 3rd they were receiving the error message “No rows retrieved”. I explained to them that this was not an error message but a new product called Barricade was installed on the 3rd and was filtering spam correctly and effectively. They were happy that they did not have to wade through all the junk but were so unaccustomed to not having any email there they were shocked.

Thanks for your help and installing a great product!!

John Ivaska Network Services General Council of the AG

Aston University

The University was reliant on a cluster of 4 machines providing mail routing and scanning for the University, running the open source MailScanner application software. As the amount of junk e-mail has grown over the last 18 months, these machines were not only unable to cope under the massive onslaught of spam, but were not able to filter out enough junk e-mail. By late 2006 our over 10,000 email users were complaining in droves about the large number of junk getting through – in some cases over 60 junk messages a day. By using RBL lists, and other methods in MailScanner we were able to cut this down to an average of 7 per user per day, but without constant maintenance on a daily basis we weren’t able to consistently keep this any lower.

As the level of junk e-mail blocked was steadily rising above 100,000 per day, we began investigating alternative solutions. We tried 3 black-box solutions from the industry leading vendors and found that these were no more effective, and required a similar amount of attention as our existing MailScanner solution. It was at this point we began talking to Fort Systems Ltd. Our installation of BarricadeMX was without any issues, and we were surprised that when we were told there “will be virtually no spam”, Fort Systems Ltd. was right. Since installation, levels of junk mail have dropped dramatically, with virtually no false positives. Combined with MailScanner we are able to effectively manage small outbreaks of Junk E-mail, with the average customer email account receiving less than 5 junk messages per week. In addition, our server load has dropped dramatically and we have been able to half the number of machines required for our mail hubs. As the volume of junk e-mail continues to rise sharply BarricadeMX is helping us work towards ensuring it doesn’t affect our customers.

Steve Goodman Senior Server Engineer Information Systems Aston Aston University

From day one, Fort Systems Limited has been a pleasure to work with. Every aspect of the company, from sales to support, was handled efficiently and with great care. For more than three years our company relied on Symantec’s Mail Security for SMTP Gateways. At first, Symantec’s software was an effective solution and improved our spam and virus email problems. The software did have its problems that never were resolved … it was unable to handle the email load that we processed and certain bugs were never resolved by tech support. In order to handle the more than a million messages per day, our installation grew, over time, from three dual CPU systems to more than 15. Switching to BarricadeMX allowed us to consolidate those 15 servers down to three. Previously, our email systems were split between two digital T1 connections to the internet. We frequently saw both T1 lines at 75-85% of capacity, with spikes higher on occasion. With 95-98% of the email identified as spam that is a considerable amount of bandwidth wasted. Due to the superior scanning ability of the BarricadeMX software the bandwidth utilized by our email systems has dropped, on average to one third of what it used to be. BarricadeMX is also significantly less expensive than Symantec and saved us 40% in renewal cost.

Paul Cahill Network Administrator Car Part

SouthWest Kansas Online

Providing anti-virus and spam stopping services is a necessity for us to retain and expand our customer base. Fort System’s solutions for spam and virus protection allows us to provide these services at a cost we can afford. Most importantly, Fort has always been there when we needed help.

Doug Brewer President SouthWest Kansas Online

Hispanic College Fund Inc.

I want you to know, as well as any other organization that is interested in your services, that we are extremely pleased at what Fort has provided. In addition to practically eliminating all spam, we have no viruses, and as you know, those two are truly extraordinary problems in this day and age. Many of my friends complain about problems we do no suffer from at all.

As importantly, thank you for answering my Neanderthal queries instantly and without making me feel dumber than I really am about computer systems. Without your great service, the fundraising, operation and success of the Hispanic College Fund would be seriously affected. You are one of the very, very few organizations I have ever dealt with in this area that has actually met our expectations and the only one that has delivered services exactly as promised and exceeded those expectations.

J. Fernando Barrueta President and CEO Hispanic College Fund Inc.

Condor Earth Technologies

After FSL installed MailScanner, the product immediately removed more than 90% of the annoying spam. My users are now very confident and happy that their inbox will no longer contain unsolicited and unacceptable emails. FSL’s affordable solution and quick installation made this the best buy for our network to date.

Steve Finigan IT Manager Condor Earth Technologies

University of Buckingham

Excellent service from highly knowledgeable staff. From advice on the most appropriate solution to post-install customization and support, FSL made sure we got an email security solution that met our exact requirements.

When we wanted to implement spam filtering and virus scanning for our enterprise email system, MailScanner was the obvious solution and FSL was the obvious choice of project partner. With the MailScanner lead developer on staff, no-one knows more about email security than FSL.
I was very impressed with FSL’s service and expertise. They happily took all the time we needed to ensure that we got a solution that exactly met our requirements and then implemented it in a single afternoon. The system works faultlessly and the feedback from our users has been excellent!

Matthew Day Technical Manager, IT Services University of Buckingham