The Team

Steve Swaney – President

SteveSwaneyB&WSteve Swaney founded the successful New York consulting firms, Summit Computers and Fusion Systems. Steve has also provided UNIX Systems Architecture consulting services to major Wall Street firms. such as UBS and Merrill lynch. He resigned from Goldman in November 2002 to start Fort Systems Ltd. He is responsible for the administration, overall management and customer relations for Fort Systems.

Julian Field – Chief Technology Officer

JulianFieldB&WJulian Field has achieved worldwide recognition as the lead developer of MailScanner. Julian has spent the last four years developing and perfecting MailScanner. He believes that the emergence of spam is crippling the Internet and is a firm believer in the open source movement’s ability to solve this problem. He is responsible for the ongoing development of MailScanner and consulting for Enterprise accounts.

Robin Bains – Director Sales & Marketing

robin-0001Robin Bains has been on the forefront of sales for many companies. He headed Sales/Marketing for Faronics Technology, makers of the world renowned DeepFreeze product. Robin founded Bains Digital Tech to serve the educational market with a cost effective and reliable Antivirus gateway solution. He is responsible for the Sales and Marketing efforts of Fort Systems Limited..

Steve Freegard – Director of Development

Steve Freegard

Steve Freegard has been fighting spam for over 10 years.  He is a committer of Haraka and Apache SpamAssassin and has contributed code to MailScanner and was the original author of MailWatch for MailScanner which is how he first met Steve Swaney.  Previously, Steve was a Systems/Network Manager and former MCSE+Messaging but has always been a Linux aficionado.  When not writing code or anti-spam rules he can be found spending time with his two children, at the Kart track or watching Formula 1.