Fort delivers accurate and easy-to-use anti-spam and anti-virus security software. Our developers are pioneers in open source software development. We re-invest in our product by updating our software to ensure our customers get the most reliable spam and virus protection available.
Protecting Clients Since 1994.

Fort Systems Limited (FSL) was founded in 2001 with a goal provide the best anti-spam solution at a reasonable cost.

Prior to founding Fort Systems, each of our founders were all working on their own version of anti-spam software. As supporters of open source development, we were all familiar with each other’s work. Together, we felt we could develop a stronger, higher performing, efficient anti-spam and anti-virus software. In 2002, we decided to band together our talents in programming, network administration, and IT infrastructure to form Fort Systems.

It’s been a decade since founding our company and we are proud of the hard work that has gone into developing what we feel is one of the most accurate, high performing, efficient, affordable and flexible anti-spam solutions available.

We now have sales and development offices in the USA, Canada, UK.

We develop and support both open source and commercial software. FSL delivers you expert, dependable and timely support for your open source or commercial email management solution.

We are committed to providing our customers with an easily manageable and highly accurate anti-spam/anti-virus solution.

Fort Systems Limited was founded:

  • To provide commercial support for MailScanner, the world’s most secure and popular open source email gateway software.
  • To provide support for the open source applications often used with MailScanner to form a complete open source solution to stop viruses and spam.
  • To develop commercial applications based on MailScanner and supporting applications.

We strongly believe in and support open source software as a fast emerging alternative to commercial software.

We understand the need of our customers to have expert, dependable support readily available for mission critical open source applications.

We also believe there is a strong market for commercial applications based on an open source foundation.

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