ClamAV on BarricadeMX systems is failing

If you are having email problems today it’s probably because you are running our outdated BarricadeMX software.

If you are not experiencing any email problems today either you are running our newer DefenderMX software or we have already logged in to you systems and fixed your older BarricadeMX software

To find out if you are still running BarricadeMX software, login to any Fort Systems server and run:

stat /usr/share/defendermx

If the command returns:

stat: cannot stat `/usr/share/defendermx’: No such file or directory

You are running our BarricadeMX software.

If you are experiencing email problems today, it’s probably because the ClamAV version that BarricadeMX uses is contains an old version of Perl.

Last night someone pushed a rule that uses a new ClamAV rule that caused all CentOS 5 ClamAV systems to start failing.

The fix was is to login to all BarricadeMX systems as user root and run:

echo “Pdf.Exploit.CVE_2019_7057-6900620-0” >> /var/clamav/local.ign && service clamd restart; service MailScanner restart


simply open a ticket with an email to and ask us to install the ClamAV patch to your systems.

And if you’re still having problems, give me a call us at your designated support number.

Fort Systems Ltd.