NotPetya Ransomware Attack Update and Info Links

Hi Everyone,

The NotPetya malware is still making the rounds. We haven’t had any reports of infections from our customers to date, but don’t let your guard down.

BarricadeMX and DefenderMX Lite have been doing a great job of filtering out the malware. Keep your guard up, the malware could morph at anytime (as they always do) so best to remind your users to not open any links for files.

Researchers are now saying that NotPetya was set loose not to make money, but cause destruction. Also, researchers are warning that the NotPetya authors have no way to send you decryption keys, so check your backups twice!

I’m adding some links below as they dive much deeper into how NotPetya works and the current state it’s in.

Here is a great one by MalwareBytes with a detailed analysis on how NotPetya works

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