Updates to DNS Real-Time Lists

Updates to DNS Real-Time Lists

January 26, 2017

Re: Updates to our Real-time DNS lists

Hi Everyone,

We constantly review effectiveness of the Real-time DNS lists that we use and as part of that process. We are very pleased to announce that we’re now offering the excellent Invaluement lists to everyone that already pays for DNS feeds from us, free until the end of 2017.

BarricadeMX PLUS Clients

You can add these lists by adding the following to your ‘DNS Blacklists or DNS BL’ settings in Setup -> BarricadeMX or in the BarricadeMX configuration:


And add the following under ‘URI Blacklists or URI BL’:


IMPORTANT** Remember to add a semicolon between entries.

The Invaluement lists work extremely well in our testing and compliment the Spamhaus feeds we already offer.

Additionally – for those that also subscribe to the Spamhaus domain blacklists, you can now get the new Spamhaus ZRD list (Zero-reputation Domains) as a free addition. We helped Spamhaus test this new list and it’s very effective at stopping ‘fresh’ domains that are created and used immediately on the same day, and then discarded.

To use the Spamhaus ZRD, add the following under ‘Domain Blacklists or Domain BL’:


(due to the nature of this list, you have to query Spamhaus directly using their data feed query service instead of via our mirrors).

Here are screenshots of a sample BarricadeMX PLUS configuration:


Platinum Support clients can optionally have us update their settings. Email support@fsl.com to start the process.

DefenderMX Clients

All DefenderMX clients with RBL Subscription will have these setting updated automatically. No manual update is required.

Cleanfeed Hosted Clients

No update from your end is required. These new lists are now active.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@fsl.com.

Fort Systems Ltd.

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