BarricadeMX PLUS Upgrade – Dec-12-2013

Important Upgrade For BarricadeMX Plus Now Available.


This update fixes a bug that was inadvertently introduced into the open-source version of Haraka which left some debug code in the address parser which causes haraka.log to grow and can cause Haraka to incorrectly bounce messages should the server run out of disk space.  It also includes several other minor improvements.


The full change log can be found below.

For customers who are using BarricadeMX Plus, the current versions are now:


Package Name

Version Number














To upgrade to the latest version of BarricadeMX Plus:


Upgrading BarricadeMX Plus is simple and straightforward. Email delivery should be interrupted only for a very brief period of time during the update process and no messages should be lost, only delayed, by the update. Still it’s a good idea to install the updates at a relatively slow time for email processing. Many sites prefer to install updates after normal business hours.


To update or to see if you need an update for your BarricadeMX or BarricadeMX Plus system(s) simply login as root and run:


yum update


and respond by pressing “y” when prompted.


If you have more than one gateway (a cluster) please update the master gateway first and when the master gateway is finished updating, update the slave gateways one at a time, until all  gateways have been updated.


If a “kernel” rpm is installed by the yum update process, please reboot your system(s) as soon as practical so the system will use the new kernel.


If you currently have a Platinum BarricadeMX Plus support contract to please contact if you need assistance with the upgrade installation, or have any questions, or experience any problems.


Change Log


  • Remove console.log() debug line from address parser.

  • Remove haraka.log in initscript before Haraka is started.

  • Add additional checks for ENOSPC (out of disk space) and return a temporary failure.

  • Improve MX lookup routines.

  • Route all traffic sent to the local host name to the local route configured in the route-map.

  • Default to tempfail if no plugin accepts a recipient.

  • Prevent original message buffer from being modified if a different line-ending is requested by a plugin.


And please note:


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