BarricadeMX PLUS Upgrade

November 4th, 2013

Update for BarricadeMX Plus Haraka Engine

This is a minor bug-fix update. The Change Log for the updated version is at the end.

For customers who are using BarricadeMX Plus, the current versions are now:
Package Name Version Number

bmxplus 2.1-10
bmxplus-common 2.1-10
bmxplusd 2.1.10
bmxplus-db 2.1.10
Haraka 2.2.6-2

To upgrade to the latest version of BarricadeMX Plus:

Upgrading BarricadeMX Plus is simple and straightforward. Email delivery should be interrupted only for a very brief period of time during the update process and no messages should be lost, only delayed, by the update. Still it’s a good idea to install the updates at a relatively slow time for email processing. Many sites prefer to install updates after normal business hours.

To update or to see if you need an update for your BarricadeMX or BarricadeMX Plus system(s) simply login as root and run:

yum update

and respond by pressing “y” when prompted.

If you have more than one gateway (a cluster) please update the master gateway first and when the master gateway is finished updating, update the slave gateways one at a time, until all gateways have been updated.

If a “kernel” rpm is installed by the yum update process, please reboot your system(s) as soon as practical so the system will use the new kernel.
And please contact ( to schedule your update if you need assistance with the upgrade installation, have any questions or experience any problems.

BarricadeMX Plus Haraka v2.2.6 Change Log

– Prevent disconnect hooks from running more than once when connections are rejected in hook_lookup_rdns or hook_connect.

– Add variable support to route_map lookups. %0 expands to the full host/domain that caused the lookup. %1 expands to the part of the string that did not match the lookup.

– Improved SAVE, TRAP access map functions. If used these functions always write to a dated subdirectory (/var/spool/haraka/quarantine/{save,trap}/{YYYYMMDD}/{Message ID})

– Improved utf8blocks plugin; now reports non-latin percentage of Subject line in addition the just the message body.

– core: allow multiple EHLO/HELO commands during a session.

– Fix STARTTLS capabilities if multiple EHLO/HELO commands are sent.

– Improve MX lookup checks; on timeout – allow and continue provided at least one valid MX has been found.

– Add sender to recipient log line message to allow for easier log searching.

– route_map: check for dead transaction to avoid undefined variable error.

– data.uribl: fix bug in schemeless URL regexp that caused an infinite backtrack.

– Fix socketmap off-by-N race condition on re-connect.

– outbound: don’t send STARTTLS command twice if remote host incorrectly offers it after the session is encrypted.

– core: Add disconnecting check to all respond functions.

– core: Add transaction ID to SMTP return message whenever a message is accepted.

– core: Add idle and keepalive support to SMTP client

– outbound: fall back to HELO is EHLO is not accepted.

– process_title: add message counters.

– core: protect against running process_line after remote host has disconnected.

– core: propagate setTimeout to TLS encrypted socket.

– core: don’t advertise STARTTLS if there is no public key is found.

– core: prevent disconnect hooks from running more than once.

– core: improve outbound delivery logging.

– spf: add new haraka_spf test tool for testing SPF records and lookups.

– core: add new ‘avg’ plugin to support AVG anti-virus.

– outbound: correctly handle high-bit characters in queue files.

– core: reject recipients if no plugin accepts them.

– core: implement line length limits (SMTP command and data line).

– core: add reset_transaction hook.

– outbound: accumulate child outbound stats in the parent.

– outbound: flush outbound queue when SIGHUP is received.

– outbound: major refactor.

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