Top Level .PW Domain source of spam outbreak

Recently we have seen massive amounts of Spam coming from the .pw Top Level Domain.

Domain .pw is the country code top-level domain for Palau. It was originally delegated to the Pacific island nation of Palau in 1997. It has since been re-delegated a number of times, most recently by Directi, a group of businesses operating registrars amongst other Internet-related services, who re-branded it as the Professional Web.  From March 25, 2013, domains under the .pw TLD are available to the general public.  These domains are sold at rock bottom prices which have apparently attracted droves of spammers.

Since we have yet to see a legitimate piece of mail for the .pw domain but have recently seen massive amounts of spam from this domain, we are recommending that you block mail form this domain as soon as practical. It’s quite simple to do:

BarricadeMX PLUS users should Use the web interface to navigate to: Setup  >> Access Map and add and save the entries:
key              value
from:pw       REJECT
body:pw      REJECT

BarricadeMX users should Use the web interface to navigate to the ACL tab  to add and save the entries:
key             value
from:pw      REJECT
body:pw     REJECT

MailScanner Gold customers should add to the /etc/mail/access file:
from:pw               REJECT

And if you are a Mailscanner Gold customer who also uses Snertsoft’s milter-link application also add to the /etc/mail/access file:
milter-link-from:pw       REJECT
milter-link-body:pw      REJECT

And then all MailScanner Gold customers should run:
make -C /etc/mail

If any legitimate sender ever sends a mail to your site, they will immediately be informed their mail was rejected.

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