BarricadeMX Updates Coming Soon.

You may have noticed on our web site that we have just released a major upgrade for our BarricadeMX PLUS customers. The details of this upgrade can be found here:

Today I’m happy to tell you that we are now working on bringing the Haraka engine to our BarricadeMX customers. We will also be adding additional updates and features to BarricadeMX that are not yet part of BarricadeMX Plus. These improvements will include:

  • A new web interface written in Node JS
  • New High speed logging and reporting
  • A new Bayesian classification engine

Along with many other new, advanced spam detection technologies. This upgrade should be available this spring.

We are also glad to announce that this major upgrade for BarricadeMX will be a “No Charge” upgrade for customers that are current on their maintenance contracts.

For those of you who don’t want to wait for the Haraka version of BarricadeMX or need the additional features provided by the new version of BarricadeMX Plus, we will be offering discounted upgrade pricing packages for upgrading from BarricadeMX to BarricadeMX Plus. Please contact for details, demos and pricing.

We are also looking for sites that would like to participate in the Beta testing of BarricadeMX so please send an email to if you are interested participating in the Beta program.

As always, we very much appreciate your business and look forward to bringing you the very best anti-spam products available.

Best regards,

FortAntispam Support Team


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